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Thursday, 27 December 2018



Philippe's is a great place and what a great reason to share your meal your family across the miles. :)


The Mister and I are good at figuring out reasons for doing things, cc. The traffic was pretty heavy both ways, but having the stop for (great) food in between made it a perfect day.


Great looking sandwich!


My pit stop when taking the mother in law to chinatown. I prefer the pork and slaw I might have to try the pickle eggs and more.


Everything is good here, Soo.

We had a tough time deciding, too, Bill...but wanted to have essentially some of the same meal that was sent. (6 rolls, jus, meat, cheese, potato salad, pickles and eggs). Next time there will be slaw and pork.


Great piece - and I **love** their potato salad!


Thank you so much, James. Yes, the potato salad is a winner in my book. The menu is pretty large, yet we revert to tried and true choices with one 'something new to us' at each visit.


One of my absolute favorite places to go when I'm downtown. Last time I was there I was at a conference literally across the street and lead a dozen people there who had never been. And yes there was much good dips, sides and soups for all.

I've gotten to the point where I flip a coin between the beef/lamb double dipped. Lots of mustard, slaw and maybe a cup of soup. Or I'll mix a piece of pie in.

Only problem is now I'm starving for this, thanks a lot lol.

Happy New Year to you and the whole team at mmm-yoso!


Thanks for showing others this great place, Loren, it is wonderful. It's only a two hour drive when there's no traffic (like, on a weekend). I can help you justify the drive...the apple, go try the apple.


never tried pickled egg, will need to try it when I see it


It's really good, Kat.

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