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Tuesday, 11 December 2018



Yay for the fritters! I'm excited that it's just not apple too! $1.90 is still cheaper than any donut at a hipster joint which tend to go for $3 or more, ouch. If this were in CV, I'd be there every day, ha ha.


Wow! I've never had a peach fritter or the other exotic flavors. Thanks for the heads up on the 2nd location. I've only visited their Santee locations.


I am glad this shop is not nearby, I would be here often:)


The fritters here are good for snacking because you can just pull off a segment at a time (I still crave those French crullers, you know),cc. The prices here are extremely reasonable. They offer a giant (12 inch or maybe larger diameter) personalized donut for special occasions, $10.
Oh, you need to make the bit of an extra drive, Soo. This location of Mary's supplies Barona Casino's 24 hour coffee shop with snacks. It's the best, Kat...the Santee location is 'on the way home' after I fill up the tank with fuel in the early morning. No sandwich for breakfast from that location, just a couple of donuts. Yeah, it's kind of perfect.


You're killing me! I haven't been to Mary's since they were at their original shop but now i will be making a visit this week...gee thanks ;)


The Santee Mary's is close to the original location: East to the next signal light (Carlton Hills) and turn left and it's in that first block, on the right...but no sandwiches there, Jan...not that you're looking for sandwiches ;)


These donuts run circles around the designer ones from Donut Bar, Sidecar, Nomad and all of the other "artisanal" joints out there!


So true, James. We've been to Sidecar one time and it was nice, but it wouldn't be a regular stop, even if close to home; no 'comfort food' factor. We're simple folk...


Just my opinion - Sidecar's brioche based donuts are too heavy and also one dimensional in flavor (toppings are sparse). Nomad has creative flavors that are executed throughout the donut (not just the frosting or toppings); I feel they are the best of the hipster/artisanal bunch. Not impressed by Donut Bar either.


I agree, cc. Overall, simple, basic donuts are my favorite; it's more difficult to make anything simple than to complicate it. Fry some dough and put some sugary glaze on it; happy.


When I first entered this donut shop in the original location, I knew right away this was THE donut shop. They even got the good milk.

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