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Wednesday, 05 December 2018



great meal to end a busy day!


The food at Costa's Family Restaurant is great, Kat-each year we try to plan for a decent place to go after decorating and I am so glad we happened to take that exit that one September morning. I don't know if it was the food or my newer shoes, but on Sunday (the morning after), there were no aches, pains or exhaustion...a busy day of decorating for sure!


I am curious about that "surprise" for the Trader Joe's float! Can't wait to see it on TV! The floats look amazing even at this stage without flowers. As always, cool photos of the float progress. What a great experience to be a part of this New Year's tradition.


Thanks for the float preview! Flowers and floats look great!


It's cute, cc....there actually was a peek on the Phoenix Decorating Facebook page in about June, but they didn't indicate it was for the TJ float. The floats will look different with flowers, but you have the general idea. The Parade is such Americana.
I figured you'd like it, Soo. Live flowers show up beginning December 26...that's when most people sign up to decorate. We're happy to be part of the 'details'.

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