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Monday, 26 November 2018



Like you mention, the mobile app is the way to go. You can see how long the wait is and add yourself to the waiting list before you even leave the house. Then time your drive for your expected availability. Not the best sushi around, but it's definitely fun.


baked avo sounds delicious!


Interesting. I just read an article about the founder.


Found out about the app from my nephew, who was visiting and it certainly saved a lot of frustration (parking being primary); however, getting to Kura within 30 minutes of opening (on a week day) still works out for me (when I'm alone), Jason. Over time, I've been able to find consistent/better food items. Definitely a fun food experience.

The baked avocado was really great, Kat. Definitely that plus sunomono will be a quick and balanced meal for me next year.

That's a great article, Kobi. I notice it was printed on Friday...of course I missed it. The kaiten-zushi concept is new to the USA and is part of the fascination; the no -additive/healthy part of the food is what will send Kura to more popularity.


The soy paper handroll looks interesting and the shrimp stuffed avocado decadent. Must try next time.


I've seen soy paper in markets, but don't make sushi at home, cc. It's nice; I suppose not the saltiness of flavor that you get with seaweed. The baked avocado is great!

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