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Tuesday, 06 November 2018


Mary Beth Abate

Darn, I had high hopes for this place.


No rice?!?!? That's like a mexican restaurant with no tortillas, italian restaurant with no pasta... we could go on forever. That tendon hot pot sure looks good though, should call ahead for that instead of the duck.


That's too bad about the duck. I was intrigued but didn't have high hopes after talking to the staff about it.




Well. This is crossed off my list.


Hi Mary Beth - I think things will be better in a few months....I hope. But right now the place is a hot mess.

Yes, no rice, no tea, and out of the first four things (other than the duck) we tried to order Jason.

It was pretty bland Kirbie.

That last visit was terrible Kat!

Maybe try them in a couple of months Cathy.


Oh noooo. I've had this place marked for weeks as I want to try the peking duck but couldn't coordinate enough ppl to get together to split the $46. What day of the week did you go when they had no rice/tea? I guess it's advisable to call ahead of time to make sure they have both (with pre order of duck as well).


This place doesn't sound that yummy...


I went on Tuesday Faye......I don't think the day of the week mattered....they just didn't have their act together.

There's potential Soo......but so far it's untapped and they need to get things straightened out.


Sounds like someone didn't show up in the kitchen that day. I was curious but will stay away for now.


Well they haven’t been open long so hopefully that explains some of what you guys experienced. Guess I’ll wait a bit before trying them though.


Or the kitchen messed up Junichi....based on the yelling I heard coming from the kitchen...I think it's the latter.

We'll see RD.....I'll wait a few months....


I'm sorry to hear it wasn't a good experience :(. I also tried going here recently on a weekend night, but the 3 waiters didn't acknowledged us as we waited inside since they were busy attending to seated customers. It seems like a few people on Yelp also said the same. We ended going to Friend's House instead.


Wow, that's terrible Elle....this place has a long way to go......


Sucky all around.


Yes CC. This was pretty bad

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