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Thursday, 11 October 2018





Always seems to be busy so they must have fans. And yes that is the worst parking lot in Convoy. The print shop recently closed down and is probably gonna turn into another restaurant to make matters even worse.


Yeah....not very satisfying Kat!

That parking lot is crazy Junichi.


Count me as a fan, but it seems we order different items. With DTF now open and great wow still going strong, we don't make it there very often though.


I'm not a fan of the Shen jian bao here RD....if that's what you're referring to. Which is too bad since the location in San Gabriel made; or perhaps used to make since it's been a number of years a really good Tianjin Baozi.


Yes, the shen jian bao, are what I like among a few others. They are inconsistent but often as good as I've had in SGV and easily the best I've had in SD. There used to be a place in SGV that everyone raved about -- Kang kang food court or something close to that, that was waaay too sweet for me so maybe that's closer to what good ones taste like and why I like TNH better. Who knows. Take care.


Hi RD - You might like some of these older posts then:


Man, those SJB from your MIL look fantastic! If she ever comes to visit and you need extra eaters, I'm available.


Lol RD......I'll let her know!

Marc C.

"We seem to be in a slump with regards to decent regional cooking."

This may be one of the greatest understatements I've read in quite some time.


Well Marc - I'm obviously not prone to hyperbole....pretty much just the opposite, no?

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