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Tuesday, 09 October 2018



Glad to hear you finally found some karaage that was good! Juicier than Din Tai Fung's dumplings cracked me up. Keep up the great work.


That karaage was very good RD! Thanks for the kind words.


I still need to plan a visit. Wasn't expecting the karaage to be the star of the meal tho! Hope their tsukemen is better than the ramen. The versions at Raki Raki and Yamadaya are mediocre.


I'll probably go back and try the Tsukemen and get my karaage fix Junichi. There is no good tsukemen in San Diego.....yet....

Black Belt Jonez

Hi Kirk!

Thank you for making this post. I moved to San Francisco about a year ago and your blog is how I keep up with the new restaurants opening up back home. I'll have to check this place out later in the month while I'm in town. That karaage looked delicious.


good karaage is worth the drive:)


Hey BBJ - So nice to hear from you! I'm sure you're eating well in SF! Don't be a stranger!

It is Kat......though not sure how often!

Derek R

Noodles + chicken look like they're worth the trip. Does anywhere in SD have decent Tsukemen?


There is no good Tsukemen in San Diego proper Derek. Now, it looks like I'm going to have to drive back up to Oceanside and check out the Tsukemen!


I need like 4 orders of those chicken karaage.


Lol TFD - Well, this place is a lot closer to you than it is to me!

Derek R

I wish RikiRaki didn't suck so much (I've never had their Tsukemen but their ramen has been lousy the few times I've been there). Anywhere up in LA you'd suggest?


I can't personally vouch for these places Derek; but they are on my "list" - Tsujita in Sawtelle and Okiboru in Chinatown. If you check them out let me know how it is.


Mmmm... Fried chicken. I'll have to try this place next time I'm in Oceanside.


Yeah, that karaage was surprisingly good Soo!

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