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Tuesday, 23 October 2018



Just had a Spicy Julio on Monday; I keep telling myself I should try more of the sandwiches at Sandwich Emporium but I always end up with a Julio or Jersey Reuben.


Great blast from the past! I haven't been to China Max in quite a while; it may be time to re-visit. I didn't know Sandwich Emporium had a location in Rancho Penasquitos, so thanks for that info. It also has been many years since I've been to any location of Post #4; I may keep it that way! Hopefully that issue was only at the College area location.


Hi Kirk!

I don't think I've ever been to Kin Wah; I'm going to put that on the list for next time! I haven't had a good cake noodle in a long time. The last time I was in Hawaii I tried out the Pah Kee restaurant that replaced my family's restaurant, and found it disappointing.


I'm surprised they're all still in business. I've been to all the spots except that location of L&L. Guess it'll stay that way.


Hey Kirk given your love of “cake noodle” dishes, how come you never order pho ap chao?

I don’t recall you ever ordering that dish, which I love



Me too Derric; those are pretty much my go to items at SE.

Thanks Sandy. I really didn't know we had that many posts.

Hey MrZ! Kin Wah has been around forever....has those old school dishes; pressed duck, gau gee.

I think the vicinity to SDSU and the portion sizes keep them going Junichi. Perhaps it was just a "bad" day? But man; it really smelled bad.

I guess because I had a couple of bad versions when we first moved to San Diego Dan. We used to order it once in a while when we lived in LA/OC. Maybe one of these days....


Congrats on post 3951! I like visiting China Max a few times a year.


Thanks Soo! We go about once or twice a year.


Maybe it's just me but I still think Fung Fung Yuen in Mira Mesa sets the bar for the Dim Sum experience in San Diego and is definitely better than China Max. Jasmine is pretty good too.


I have to get back to Fung Fung Yuen Loren. My meals there have been borderline terrible - though I don't really consider Mira Mesa to be in the Kearny Mesa/Clairemont Mesa area. Jasmine just doesn't do their wrappers right and what I've had there over the years have been very inconsistent. I'm just glad you didn't say DTF....which we don't really consider dim sum....the Missus and all my Taiwanese/Chinese friends would have apoplexy if you did! ;o)


nice to reconnect with places you first posted about.


It is fun to circle back sometimes Kat!


You do realize this is just too good of an opportunity to troll about DTF right? I mean you literally gave me a firecracker and a match lol. 😜 for the record I loved DTF when I was in LA and OC and they’re amazing TAIWANESE dumplings (kosher? 😁)

I know the manager at FFY and he’s a great guy with all my own experiences being excellent. I don’t pretend to know whether things are authentic or not as that’s not my background but jasmine and FFY are my go to places and for better or worse probably the two best dim sum places in San Diego w China max likely third. We’re likely not going to get LA or SF class dim sum brought In so you do with it what you can or make a few road trips every now and then. Same w Pho I guess (although OB Noodle House makes a very good but uncelebrated bowl).


I’ve been reading the blog since 2013 and really appreciate all the great
Information. Hope to read many more posts in the future. Thanks very much!


Yes Loren...I did that kinda on purpose. Lol! I will get back to FFY soon to check them out. As with hopefully most things; I try not to be "just happy to have something".

Hi RD - Thanks for reading and commenting all these years!

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