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Friday, 19 October 2018



Happy joint birthday to you and the Mister! I need to try those fried belly clams at PLS. That's a nice variety of smoked fish in that salad.


I like that birthday rule! What a great way to celebrate both of you.


Thanks, cc. The Mister used to get belly clams when younger and still has that craving. The regular fish and chips is always good..and sometimes I just have to have smoked fish (smoked fish and meats are correct; smoked cheese is not).
It's fun, Kat...although by the time it is my birthday, going out to eat can be almost a chore...this year, we got a (very good) sandwich to share from a local liquor store and called it a day.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Belated Birthday!

There are few places nearer and dearer to a San Diegan's heart than Pt Loma Seafoods. And it is often a generational thing; still remember my mom & grandmother taking me there when I was 5 and more interested in the seagulls than the fish.

I've never tried their smoked fish, i'll have to check it out. Recently I've gotten very into their fresh tuna fish, best I've ever had. Might be worth trying.


Thanks so much, Loren. PLSF is an automatic stop when friends are in town-the fresh tuna is great. You could just get some mixed/assorted smoked fish from the counter ($8.95/lb, because those pieces are remainders) and take to the tables to enjoy with the (very horseradish-y) cocktail sauce or just order a smoked fish cocktail for your first try; it's so good.

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