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Tuesday, 30 October 2018



"it's just the passengers that I didn't care for." This made me laugh out loud! Cocktails look good tho.


I'm glad you enjoyed that Junichi! The cocktails here are very good.

Candice Woo

Glad you both enjoyed it!


This used to be Fern St. Cafe then became Piacere Mio. The Target shown in the 7th photo used to be Gala Foods. The space was pretty big for a former sandwich/smoothie shop. Hope this new place lasts. The drinks you had look promising!


hopefully they can up their food game:)


We loved the drinks Candice! Thanks again for the recommendation.

I think this used to be South Park Abbey CC....Piacere Mio is still there. We really enjoyed the cocktails.

I hope so too Kat!


Oops! You are correct sir! I had the locations swapped in my mind! My bad!


The "Wolf Killer" drink and your penchant for cocktails reminded me of the Raised By Wolves "speakeasy" at UTC. Have you had a chance to visit it by chance? I'd be curious on your opinions of it.


Hi Jason - I've walked past Raised by Wolves a few times. But usually am not in the area after 4pm. One of these days....


Bummer about the wings. They looked good.


Had a good old fashioned at Raised by Wolves
Recently. I like the place a lot, even though it was far
Too hip for me and no food.


Dry and gummy Soo...and the rub had too much paprika and was quite "gritty".

Sounds good RD......It'll probably be too hip for me as well.

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