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Tuesday, 11 September 2018



Do you have a favorite place for khao man gai in San Diego? My mom is Thai, so I always miss it and every once in a while go to J&T’s just for it (theirs is obviously not the best khao man gai I’ve ever had, but I haven’t found any better here yet and it’s at least quite serviceable).


hope they can get consistent.


Sorry to say, no bueno on that Sage. I'll keep a look-out for you though.

I hope so too Kat.


Good to hear they have a few hits.


Hi Junichi - Yes, they do make some good dishes.


I need to do a revisit! Loved that pork belly with chinese broccoli though.


Hi CC - Hope you enjoy! That Pork Belly with Gailan was probably the best item I had at Soi 30th.


I've been to Soi a few times. My favorite thing has been the pork belly larb. Glad to see the pork belly worked for you as well.


Good looking pork belly. Too bad the wings weren't that good.


The pork belly is pretty good at Soi 30th only issues with the larb is that they really hold back on the spice....even when I order things spicy.

Hi Soo - You know how I am with wings, right? ;o)


EdwardW here - I've been home sick all week and been living off this place. First the spice level. I have to be clear with them - "cook like you are cooking for a Thai" - that'll get you where you need to be. The soups have been nourishing me - the Tom Yum noodle soup is filled with nuance although the pork was a bit dry. The Tom Yum chicken was incendiary the other night, the burn cut with citrus and a touch of sweetness. Helped break my fever. Lately I've been happy with the Pork Belly Larb - nice crunch with salt, sour, and spice. Thanks for checking them out and your awesome blog. Gonna tuck into some left over Tom Yum for lunch. I'm feeling better!


Hope you get well soon Edward. I think it's too bad you have to let them know you want to eat at a Thai spice level. They seem to be doing pretty good with the pork belly dishes. Thanks again for the email and for reading our little blog!

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