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Thursday, 13 September 2018



While I appreciate your dogged determination, I had given up on LHK a long long time ago. Eating there is just a waste of money at this point.


Hi Jason - Yeah....well, it had been three years and I thought, "just maybe....."


The Convoy LHK was our go-to restaurant for years. The food at the Mira Mesa location was just not the same, and it's got to be at least a decade since I went there. The previous restaurant where Tim Ky is now was good for the egg noodle soup. Thanks for the reminder to go back to Tim Ky.


I remember the Convoy location. Has it been that long? Also remember when Mo had his place on Carroll Canyon.

Derek R

I've been eating Mo's food since he had Mo's Island Grindz. I agree with what you said about the Korean Chicken... it tends to be more sweet, less moist, and not as crunchy. Overall though - still love their food and enjoy the TS location (though I'm still a Mesa College location guy).

Derek R

Also... could you post a/your mac salad recipe one of these days? It's one of those things I've made plenty of times but can't seem to get it "plate lunch right."


Sux about LHK. Cripes, that is a huge amount of food from HH.




I feel the same way Sandy.

Hi Junichi - I believe that LHK on Convoy first closed in something like 2009, then reopened on Convoy in 2011, then soon closed again?

Hi Derek - Ah yes Da' Kitchen. Talk about a blast from the past....

You know; I haven't made mac salad in ages....probably because we/I can't eat that much of it these days. When I make it for one of the Missus's pot lucks, I'll post a recipe.

A huge amount of food CC!

LHK was pretty bad Kat.

Derek R

Thanks Kirk! Also - that picture of the old Korean chicken nearly brought tears to my eyes. I wonder what has changed in the recipie/cooking method. I'd also like to see you finish a loco moco that SIZE these days - LOL. Have you been to Leilani's lately? I haven't been in ages but was talking to the Mrs about going down (if they're still open).


Lol Derek - I won't even try a locomoco that size these days....I think! It's funny that you mentioned Leilani's....guess where I went the day after HH?? I'll go ahead and get that post done soon.


I miss Da Kitchen. It was the location closest to me. I use to go there after walking or biking around Miramar Lake.


Yeah...too bad they had to close Soo.

Derek R

LOL! After 15ish years of following the blog it doesn't surprise me that when I ask about a place half the time you've recently visited. I'll look forward to your Leilani's post!

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