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Sunday, 09 September 2018





Yea! Think I made some oxtails from one of your recipes once, very good!


Oxtail looks delicious!


Oxtail Pho? That's a new one for me and sounds like it is in dire need of thorough investigation. ;)


It was pretty good Kat!

I do enjoy oxtails RD....that's why I had to try this.

It was pretty good Junichi!

Lol Jan. Back in the day Pho Ca Dao had Pho Duoi Bo....not sure about now. It's usually the kind of thing you have at "Mom's house".


I always pass by this place, but my family just goes to the usual spots in City Heights. Your posts makes me want to check it out now. I also didn't know you had recipes on here (just found the tag). Any plans for future recipes?


Pho Ca Dao (at least the one in RB) still has oxtail pho on the menu. Have not had it thought so can't comment on it.


You should check it out Elle. And one of these days; i'll get back to posting my recipes and such....too busy and frankly lazy these days.

So, I'm not senile RD? ;o)

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