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Monday, 03 September 2018



I wonder if Hawaii still has Marie Callender?! hmmm...


Oh, that would be a fun meal, Kat. If not, maybe the local grocers carry some Marie Callender products (the cornbread mix, canned soups or frozen items-especially the pot pies)


There aren't many Marie Callender restaurants left in SD; the Carmel Mountain one closed awhile back. I haven't been to one in a few years now, but I have fond memories of hanging out with friends for pie after seeing a movie back in the post-high school days.


I go waaaaaay back with Marie Callender's. From my salad bar addiction at seven at the San Bernardino location to working there at the front counter in Milpitas, selling pies, ringing up tickets, and boxing up to-go orders. The banana cream pies did not save, so we got them cheap. I ate a LOT of banana cream pie back then.


We miss the pie at the Carmel mtn ranch location!


I love getting the chicken pot pie there. :-)


Their pies are the best. I especially like their strawberry pie and the banana cream.


Pie-what a great memory trigger, Sandy. According to the website, there are three left in the County.
Whoa, JF, you worked at Marie's! How cool. Yep- banana is a real comfort, memory evoking flavor.
It's sad when some places leave, RD. At least there are still a couple of stores you could stop at...a slice of pie and a cup of coffee. Fancier than Starbucks yet a lot better tasting.
The chicken pot pie is so very good, Soo. It's the crust...
Yes, both of those flavors have been purchased as whole pies and brought home, cc...along with coconut cream.

Rich Kaszeta

Yeah, I remember growing up in AZ that MC's had a number of Phoenix area locations, and indeed, probably a third of my mom's pie plates are the MC-stamped ones that you paid a deposit on.

I remember them for comfort food, a somewhat unique "living room" ambiance, and pot pies (the former being particularly impressive in the late 80s and 90s for being some of the better offerings in pot pies and cobblers in the freezer case)


I still have two pie plates (deposit was 50¢), Rich (they're useful for so many things, including home made pies). The interior decor is still quite "living room" mixed with "80's den/library". The fresh made still does taste better than frozen, but they seem to have almost perfected what is in the freezer (there's some sort of foil like lining for use in the microwave and it crisps the crusts).

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