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Tuesday, 04 September 2018


Derek R

Your "spa egg" looks delicious + it seems a moist cutlet is rare these days. Okan Diner looks disappointing - I still haven't gone though I've wanted to drop in for some udon. Like you said, Okan seems like the wiser choice.


:( sad that guy is glued to his phone & not caring about his job


Hi Derek - Yes, I was quite disappointed in Okan Diner.....I've got to get back to Okan to see if things are still good.

Hi Kat - I think the main issue I had was him using his bare hand and working with meat; then picking up his phone...then working with raw meat again....then picking up his phone....all that possible cross contamination....makes you think what else is he doing????


I enjoy the curry at Hinotez. But like you mentioned it is a hefty meal. Bummer about Okan Diner. I've only been there for their happy hour. Still enjoy their kamameshi.


The scene with the chef would make a good Youtube video.


Hi Junichi - Yeah, Okan Diner was a bit disappointing.

Hi Soo - I'd rather have not seen that...


I had a food coma just looking at those pictures lol.

And yeah sometimes ignorance is bliss when it comes to sous chefs and their actions.


I had a similar experience when a cashier used his bare hands to grab dessert and put it in bag for me. Agree with Loren that ignorance is bliss when it comes to sous chefs and actions :( At least in this case.


Lol Loren.....and yes, sometimes it's better not to know.

Hi Faye - Yeah....sometimes it's better not to know.


Hi Kirk,

Would be interested in your take on Okan now. Went several weeks ago for dinner and was disappointed. They don't have the dishes on the bar anymore and the menu looks like every other standard Japanese menu. Taste wise, it's lacking that clean, flavorful, delicate feel that was there the first several years they were in business.

Paula tam

Yes I got bad food poisoning Okan Diner.


Hmmmm, haven't been to Wa Dining Okan for dinner in a few years daantaat; will have to check them out.

That's terrible Paula!

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