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Tuesday, 25 September 2018



What a fantastic review! I’ve wanted to visit but been reluctant due to lots of negative reviews. Will definitely go check it out now though.


sounds like a great place despite the pauses for the planes overhead


Let me know how you like it at El Jardin RD!

It's a good place KAt....we really enjoy the cocktails.


After seeing those prices I can understand why this is a once a month treat. But it does give you something to look forward to!


Great looking smelt!


Love the description "like eating the soul of the smelt" Its gangster food critic talk


We do look forward to our visits Junichi!

It was delicious Soo.

Lol Michael! That's too funny......


My wife and I tried this place on date night, and couldn't be more impressed by the food, and the cocktails. So, awesome review. By the way, the arbol salsa made with peanuts you are referring to is called salsa macha, which supposedly comes from Veracruz, and was at almost all the restaurants I visited the last time I went to the Valle de Guadalupe. I say supposedly because the ingredients are very similar to Chinese hot oil (with the exception of the Sichuan peppercorns). So, I suspect that a Mexican cook went to a Chinese restaurant somewhere in Mexico, tried the hot oil, liked it, and thought, "I can make that."


Epic post Kirk. Bert and I will have to check this place out for a future date night.


Hi CC - We enjoy El Jardin; though it can be pricey and you need to choose carefully.


Sorry I missed your comment Jim. Thanks for the info on that's our favorite.

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