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Saturday, 18 August 2018



Everything looked so tempting. I would have to restrain myself so I wouldn't buy everything there, ha ha. Too bad this place is so far away, but seems worth the trip!


Shoot, you found the secret bakery :-) I try very hard NOT to go here frequently; the almond croissants are my favorite. The bakery has been open for less than a year. BTW, the street is Avenida Magnifica.


Everything is fresh and very well made, cc. Limited choices makes selection a bit easier, but we've never gone on a weekend (when I've heard there are a few more items). It's not that far...Miramar Road exit to the right-fourth signal light and turn left.

I never would've known about it, Sandy...guessing that that 'mall' was original to Scripps Ranch (a gas station in the middle of housing). Yes, would be there very regularly if we lived closer..nothing has been disappointing or even close to 'I wouldn't order it again'; such quality. (Thanks for the correction, which autocorrect decided on its own.)


Mmm... Almond croissant looks great!


It is really good, Soo.


I would have a hard time choosing!


It's so difficult, Kat. Have found myself driving here for one item and leaving blank a 'variable' to try something new.


Looks good (if you've been to Wayfarer in La Jolla, how does it compare?). Thanks for the review.


I might have to stop by!


It's *very* good, RD. The limited selection means quality in each of the items baked. (Yes, I have been to Wayfarer and there are several reasons I haven't done a post).

If you are in this area, do stop in, TFD. You (and the children) will like it.


Hmmm cryptic. Anyway, french oven sounds and looks good and will keep an eye out for a Wayfarer review. Thanks!


I meant to be more diplomatic than cryptic, RD. I think in some places you are paying for the rent and I expect more when I pay more. If it is possible, too much butter is used at Wayfarer (burned bottoms, crispy tops) and the many choices are not equal in any case, French Oven is kind of what I look for-basics done right.

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