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Monday, 20 August 2018



Like Calvin, I'm excited!

The Office Goat

We went Saturday night. We had the kare kare, the chicken adobo, the inasal, pancit bijon, the lumpia and the garlic rice (which tasted much better than Kirk's sounded or looked). The lumpia, which came last, was piping hot, fresh and tasty. I liked their sauce for it better than the gloopy stuff you normally get. Their kare-kare was very good (and this is one of my mother-in-law's standards, but even my wife was pleased). I think the inasal was the least exciting item, but even it was okay (other than the one piece that might have looked a bit pink and I didn't eat). The place was slammed (and lines out the door a couple times after we were seated) and they are clearly still working out kinks, but overall the food was pretty darn good. We laughed about the lack of spoons in a filipino restaurant (and used the ones that came in the serving dishes after everything got ladeled out). I'm looking forward to trying their Bicol Express. Thumbs (hoof?) up from the Goat, wife and kids.


Man that pata looks delicious. They have Duchesse on tap too! Good option for that area.


That great RD! Hope you get to check them out soon.

Nice ToG! It seems they are getting better every day. Looking forward to that Bicol Express as well.

This area needs a place like this Junichi. Amd I did notice Duchesse on the draft list as well.


I've been eyeing this place the last week to try so your post was great. I fondly miss your 'best of' chicken wings posts from the past. The version here looks good. That's unfortunate about the lechon - other pics I've seen make it look crispy/juicy.


Place looks ok. Hope they cook the lechon less next time.


I'm hoping the lechon kawale was just an abberation Faye. The chicken wings were pretty good. Hope you check them out soon.

If they get the service straightened out; it'll be better than ok Soo.


I'm surprised there were no spoons (aka the Filipino knife). How forget expect you to drink their sabao, haha. Great round-up Kirk. I plan to do a visit here with some gal pals.


Sabao! When is the last time I heard that?!? Hope you enjoy Sarap CC!


This has been a long time coming for San Diego. It's hard to believe that as large of a Filipino population there is here, there are really just a handful of Filipino restaurants, with the majority of them being "turo-turo" types of places. I really hope that they get everything together...we've all been waiting :)


Hey Jack - You totally hit the nail on the head. Hope this place turns out to be good.


We're still far behind in terms of the nice sit down places that are in LA and the Bay Area.


Hi CC - It's kind of the same for a range of cuisines.....


hopefully they’ll get better


I hope so Kat!

Derek R

Dude... that Crispy Pata looks rediculous


It was pretty good. Go check them out Derek and let me know what you think!

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