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Tuesday, 07 August 2018



I'm curious about the bun cha (never had it). Is there a better version in SD?


Hey CC - Nhu Y used to make a passable version; though I haven't had it in a while.


My friend visited the bun cha restaurant in Vietnam that Bourdain and Obama dined at. The table they sat at is behind a glass window now. They even have an Obama special on the menu that comes with a beer! I've never tired the dish. Good to know it's around in SD.


nice that the pho broth was clear.


Hey Junichi - You might like this:

This is where we went to in Hanoi

Hi Kat - I was pleasantly surprised.


That's the first time I've seen tomato rice served with bo luc lac in SD. I didn't know it was a thing until I read something online about it. Usually it's white rice or fried rice. I do prefer Nhu Y's bo luc lac and also their family dinner combination.


Hi Elle - A lot of places like butter rice with bo luc lac; but a few are starting to make tomato rice. Of course you know; I like the Bun Mam at Nhu Y....but man, it's too hot to even think about that right now.

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