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Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Charles Nassau

There is a new revolving sushi place being built in the same plaza where tea station is at in Kearny Mesa.


Can't wait for Menya Ultra to open in Mira Mesa! I'm trying to remember what was previously in that storefront, but I'm drawing a blank. Years ago, a friend's daughter worked at that Submarina. One day, a large group of her parents' friends descended on that store for lunch. The look on her face when we came in the door was priceless!


hopefully there will be delicious shops coming your way:)


Hi Charles - You mean Mikami - yeah, I saw that the other day; but didn't take a photo....I believe it's that odd combination of Cajun Seafood and Kaiten Sushi?

Hi Sandy - Wasn't it like Radio Shack or something like that?

I hope so Kat!


There is a lot going on in Mira Mesa. I use to go to Radio Shack every month when they had the free battery of the month club.


Menya is coming to Mira Mesa?! I remember the Radio Shack there - that would a big(ger) location for them.


Thanks for procrastinating! I really enjoy these type of posts as San Diego is huge and it's so hard to keep track of everything.


Looks like another ramen joint for Isshido.


Yes Kirk, that place. Weird combo of offerings though.


Hi Soo - There sure is. Ain't it great!

Hi Faye - Yes, it was announced a while back. Hopefully there will be less of a wait at the Clairemont Mesa after they open

I'm glad you enjoy these posts RD!

Nice detective work Junichi....though they will be right across the street from Menya!

So, I wasn't seeing things Charles....that's good. Thanks for taking the time out to comment!

Alan in Clairemont

I hope Submarina isn't going the way of Togo's. I like Jersey Mikes, but it seems like they are just taking over everywhere...and Submarina makes a damn good sandwich.


Hi Alan - Plus; if I remember correctly they started in San Diego.


I've never been a fan of submarina so glad to hear a Japanese restaurant opening in its place. I had heard that another ramen spot was opening and as I suspected, a different plaza than Menya. I think there is still some unclaimed real estate on the other side of the newly moved BevMo so curious what business will pop up next!


There a lot going on in the area Lynn.

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