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Monday, 27 August 2018



So pretty much for everything you tried, there are restaurants in a 1 mile radius that do it better.


:( cold egg & char siu...


Bummer it wasn't spicy as advertised.


I love your comment Jason. So, in terms of chicken, there's better on the same block. As for ramen; let's just say Santouka is much better. Its just a half mile drive. So, not even a mile!

Not good eats Kat!

It just wasn't very spicy Soo.


High hopes -- dashed! How can "triple super spicy" not be spicy? Feeling you kat :<.


Maybe it's Japanese spicy. My friend tried it on opening week. He said they probably use canned ramen broth. So I haven't bothered going.


It was pretty whimpy RD.....

Yes, unfortunately it was Japanese spicy Junichi....but a weak Japanese spicy. The broth was pretty lousy.

Derek R

It never ceases to blow me away just how much BAD ramen there is. Hot broth, decently firm noodles, not cold/dry pork, and an egg that's not ice cold or cooked to death. It shouldn't be rocket science... >_<


I'm waiting for things to hit critical mass; then things should balance out like any other "fad" Derek. Though, you could say the same thing about shouldn't be rocket science....


I wonder if they would be willing to give you extra spice. I would ask for the spice paste on the side at Rakiraki (they give a lot and I can only handle a pea size of it, haha).


I guess you could Elle.....though I think it seems a bit absurd to need more spice to make it decently spicy when it's already supposedly "triple super spicy".

Derek R

Touche via the pho COMMENT *laughs* I do feel like the pho in town is generally better than the ramen though I would say that most of the new pho and/or "hip" pho places that have opened in the past 5-10 years are pretty awful (while the mom and pop shops are at least decent). Now that I'm back in SD - I am definitely missing Denver Pho though.


Hi Derek - These new pho places usually makes the pho broth way too "sweet" and without beefiness/anise tones. A pet peeve of mine.

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