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Thursday, 30 August 2018


Derek R

I've been very happy with the food here thus far (mainly dumplings,the jiangbing, and tea). The dumplings are especially good, not too much dough and juicey like a XLB. Still wanna try and beef noodle soup and buns! When I lived in China, I ate jiangbing every weekend and it's nice to see them finally appear in SD. They're not the best I've had but they scratch the itch.


Very helpful review, thanks!


I think E & Drink still does food stands at local festivals. Last time I saw them was at the SD Night Market a couple months ago.

I still need to try Joyee's food since they only had drinks at the time I went.

San Diego is finally catching up to the cheese foam trend. Places like -21C Below Snowflake and Square Bar cafe will have reusable/hard plastic and special lids. While others will have just soft plastic cups/lids like Happy Lemon.


I'll have to try this new place soon. Have never tried that long fried donut thing. Not sure if I would like the cheese foam drink though. The jiang bing, yes.


Definitely will try the dumplings on the next visit, Derek. Happy to know the jianbing are in the 'satisfactory' range. Happy that you've tried it.
I hope it helped, RD.
Didn't have a chance to get to the Night Market this time, Elle. Since we don't usually purchase beverages, these cups were a little different and interesting. The cheese foam is quite good and doesn't seem to be a direct sugar hit.
The donut is basically a plain French cruller, cc...sort of the 'cracker' to tear and put into the porridge; I've seen people order porridge at Sam Woo then run across the hall to 99Ranch and pick up fresh donuts at the steam tray area and bring back to the table (this was fresh and hot and crisp on the exterior, layered on the interior; a cruller). The cheese foam was unique and seemed like a sweet, thick whipped cream cheese...maybe not good for lactose intolerant people.


intriguing variety of foods!


There is quite a choice here, Kat. Nothing really like it all under one roof. It seems to not be as 'hipster' as other new places and we really like that aspect.

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