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Tuesday, 21 August 2018





Cafe Dore still makes the best banh mi in my opinion


Bro! Ha ha! Not surprised, considering the area.


Carved chicken breast spring rolls? This is way too Americanized for me, Bro.


Sorry for the bad experience...maybe next time get more saucy sauce bro :>.


Baguette Bros should've opened here bro!


Bummer the bread isn't very good.


I know Kat....

Hi Dan - I think the Banh Mi Ba Chi and the Meatball are really good at Cafe Dore. At times; the bread hasn't been up to par.....but as a whole they are good. You might enjoy this blast from the past:

Totally CC.......

Better watch how we're "bro'ing" Cathy....someone might come out of the wood work.

They defintely need to be a bit more saucy RD!

More like "Baguette Bro'theres" Junichi

Yeah, the bread just wasn't very good Soo.


Wow that's the fanciest banh mi place I've ever seen. Banh Mi Baguette Cafe is now called Banh Mi Blvd. I actually mistaken it for Cali Baguette Express or at least wanted taro pudding and banh tieu, which they had none at Banh Mi Blvd. Their sandwiches are definitely Americanized, but I did like their drinks. My friend liked Paris Bakery in City Heights better.


Man, all these names Elle! I'm wondering if they changed owners again? I do like the bread at Paris Bakery.....

Derek R

Had an alignment done nearby and had breakfast there this morning. Got a Chinese sausage with egg + a Vietnamese ice coffee. Your comments about the bread and pickles were spot on. The Chinese sausage was average but a little sparse though the egg was a perfect over easy (they asked how I wanted my egg cooked). The ice coffee was gringoed - way too sweet and more akin to a Starbucks ice coffee than a a Vietnamese coffee.


Hi Derek - I guess they are basically staying the course.....guess I'll have to go find Banh Mi elsehwere.

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