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Friday, 03 August 2018



bacon baklava, sounds good!


It was really wonderful, Kat. Such a simple addition to a standard treat that didn’t overwhelm but enhanced it.


That's good you visited too! I missed your preview post and was worried you skipped the fair this year. I made a link to this post.


I missed being able to write a preview also, Soo. This whole year so far hasn’t been quite ‘normal’ and it’s a challenge. The Fair itself was quite organized...I didn’t even mention the color coordinated Farm on the infield-forgot to take photos.


The fair theme was cute this past year. Though we did not partake of any of their "unicorn" or rainbow food or dessert offerings, it seemed like an interesting way to tie things in together. My teen daughter especially like the unicorn churro. We liked the lasagna nachos and the "secret speakeasy" where we enjoyed our drinks with a great view of the racetrack. We'll have to try that bacon baklava next year.

One thing I didn't like about this year's fair was the lackluster Home and Hobby section, which is normally my favorite part of the fair. Gone were the shelves of the judged jams, preserves, pies, cookies, etc. Instead, they were wierdly and in my opinion, shabbily and disrespectfully, displayed with quilts and blankets. Not a nice way to showcase crafts and baked goods. I hope mold didn't grow on those blankets and quilts that folks worked hard to make.

The "collections" are also another favorite of mine, but this year, some of the displays cases seemed haphazard especially the one with Pez...there was no cohesive theme, just random Pez. The cringeworthy collection was not even extensive and the dispensers themselves were not even arranged nicely.

Looking forward to next year's fair and the interesting foods they'll feature!


I really liked the 'coordination' of the theme extending to the food items this year, cc; having each food booth offer *something* 'unicorn style' was clever. There is always room for change in everything, but I do agree that Home and Hobby had way too much change at once...I adapted to no more prize winning jam being sold, and even no more cookbooks (I have all of them, back to 1986; the first "Fair's Fare") although was told that prize winning recipes could be found online a few years ago and I've never seen them. I heard (and noticed) that all new people took over Home and Hobby; it looks like they started from scratch and didn't ask prior people how things were done, or what mistakes to avoid; sad for the sixth largest County Fair in the nation-experience should be considered an asset.

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