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Sunday, 15 July 2018



these both sounded great!


I enjoyed both visits Kat!


I had the Harpy last time. Almost as good as the Siren. Almost.


I gotta try some of the other items there Junichi....but it's hard because I enjoy the Siren so much.


It's been at least 6 months since my last visit, too. However, the Siren is too spicy for me so I usually get one of the crab sandwiches. I'm also glad that they are doing well; I remember when they were in the smaller space in the same strip mall.


Yeah I've always been a fan ever since their humble farmers market beginnings too. They are a great example of keeping their food quality the same, even as their popularity grows. Many other restaurants can't say that.


Too spicy Sandy! I really don't think it's very spicy at all....but that's me...though something with crab....well that's not shabby at all!

Hi Jason - Yes, they've really done well. And like you mention; they've kept things consistent. Not an easy thing as you keep growing.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

i sure want a cuban sandwich now! supernatural is much closer though but i have to be in the mood for their carby holder. my coworkers (except the non-seafood guy) loved it when i introduced them. :)


It is quite calorie rich Lynn.

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