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Tuesday, 31 July 2018



This is a surprise post of one of my walkable spots. Owners are great and the food, like you found, is pretty good! Sometimes I will bring one of the dogs and sit out on the patio for a drink


Been holding out on me Jack! ;o) Just kidding. We like the place....the folks here are really nice.


Wow that's in the middle of a residential area. Never knew this existed.


The location kind of threw us off too Junichi.


I second the recommendation for the watermelon salad and if you haven’t tried it, I suggest trying the pickle soup and stuffed cabbage rolls, which believe is an occasional special. I also think Diana does a great job with the wine selection.


I have always wondered about this place. I pass by it every time I visit a friend who lives in Talmadge. The parking lot looks pretty small. I'll have to pay a visit next time.


Thanks for the recommendation Sang. Hope all is well.

We usually go early for HH CC. That way there's always an abundance of parknig.




We enjoy this place Kat.

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