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Wednesday, 16 May 2018





If you ever make it to Denver you have to check out the Pho here. It's MUCH better than the pho in SD in the quality of broth, quality of meat, and overall flavor. I've been blown away by the Vietnamese food here and it's something I'll miss when I move back to SD. Check out Vinh Xuong Bakery for Bahn Mi (they make all their meats in house) and Pho 95 for Pho (best tendon I've ever had + saw leaf with every plate of herbs).


Totally Kat!

Thanks for the rec's Derek! I'll put those on my "list".


It's like you're the Gordon Ramsey of Vietnamese food (a compliment)!! :)

How would you describe your perfect pho?


Good Lord not GR Elle!!! Lol. So, here goes; A clear shimmering broth studded with droplets of fat for richness. The nose should be beefy with a hint of anise. The tongue feel should be clean with a mild richness. The flavor should have hints of beef, anise, mild-sweet pungency of shallot/onion. The noodles should not be in a clump, but separated and should have an al dente "pull" to them. The proteins - rare steak should be almost raw when the bowl hits the table and not too lean. The brisket should have a beefiness and be tender, but not falling apart. The tendon should be well formed but buttery in texture. The tripe should have some crunchiness and no off flavors.....I don't think this is complete....just off the top of my head.


Sounds like a great bowl, Kirk! Tendons are one my favorite parts of pho, but I could never get use to tripe even when I was a kid, haha.

Have you made your own pho at home?


Hi Elle - I have but there's just always too much broth....we can never finish it all.

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