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Thursday, 24 May 2018



Yay! Hans and Harry's is legendary down South! Their fruit strudels are awesome (prices have gone up through the years though; surpassing $30 for the super long one). If one doesn't want to spring for the long strudel, they have it as a mini round version too.

I really like their mini cake slices, their heart shaped chocolate chip tea cakes and their coconut strawberry bombe cake. Actually everything here is pretty $#%@ good!


sounds like the perfect treat


I want to plug their blueberry coffee cake (in the fridge on the left when you walk in) - tender cake and flavorful blueberry topping. (It also freezes really well.)


Looks yummy!


Hans & Harry's is still a good value for the quality, cc. I'm always happy to go to a party where someone has brought a H&H strudel; need to stop here more often to try other pastry doughs(all made with four plus fat, but shortcrust, choux, flaky, puff and laminated are all so different, even with the same filling or topping). Then there are the cakes...
It really is a great place, Kat.
Oh my goodness, James; fresh many times I see cherries and that's my order, but now I know what to get next time...which will be soon.
Everything here is good, RD

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