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Sunday, 15 April 2018



I'm looking forward to how your quest for an awesome cheese steak ends!


Never understood how PSC has endured for this long. Had it once a long time ago and wasn't impressed. Monkey Paw does make a good bar cheesesteak. But I haven't had it since Coronado bought them out.


It took a few minutes for me to get Kearny Mesa restaurant refugee mall! I had forgotten that the BBQ place closed (which I never went to). While I usually go to Gagliones on Friars Road, I was at the Point Loma one a few weeks ago. I'm trying to remember how my sandwich was that day.


Hopefully the Gaglione cheesesteak was an anomaly, I also like the "cheesey meat mush" of their version. Glad Sandwich A'Fare is still going strong with that price point.


I have a few places already in mind Soo!

I agree Junichi....the place is really popular. I am wondering if things have changed since Monkey Paw was sold.

I thought it kind of funny that both businesses "escaped" from Kearny Mesa and strangely ended up in the same strip mall sandy.

I hope so too Jason. I think you get your money's worth at Sandwich A'Fare.


Steak N Fries on Garnet is really good.


Thanks for the recommendation YK!

John Nguyen

I tried the Point Loma Gaglione's 2 or 3 times and I was always disappointed. I think the Friar's Road one is actually the better location. The meat was just really dry in comparison.


That's interesting John....because my visits to the Mission Gorge location weren't that great. It's been a while though; so I'm probably due for a revisit. Thanks for the reminder.

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