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Monday, 30 April 2018



everything looked great!


We enjoyed our meals here Kat!


This place looks and sounds great! Interesting how different the two strozzapreti pictures look but that you liked them both. Next time we visit great wow we will stop by. Thanks!


Hi RD - It was funny, because when we ordered it the second time; the strozzapreti seemed like a totally different dish. It was still good though. Definitely give them a try. Also, I've got to get back to Great's been a while.

Derek R

I skipped the first few paragraphs and thought this place was in Italy. Was happily surprised to see its local. This is definitely going on my list of places to try when I move back to SD from Denver in a couple months.


Check them out when you get back to SD Derek. We enjoyed our meals here.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

How cool! I was wondering what the service and atmosphere would be like during regular dining hours. I sampled a few of their items during their grand opening so got a mix of foods of various deliciousness (a few not for my palate though). The flatbread crusts had a nice chew and taste. Salmon sample was unique with a purple potato puree. Also a bite of pasta. Hopefully I can officially try them out soon!


The pastas were pretty good Lynn.....this from two folks who just got back from Italy.

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