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Saturday, 14 April 2018



Wow! Hot food on a plane! I usually pack a box of cookies or a couple croissants to tide me over. Basilica of San Petronio looks very historic.

Alan in Clairemont

Horse Lamp designers video:

Alan in Clairemont

You can even buy one for a cool £4500.00


Hi Soo - I believe most airlines provide a hot meal when flying outside of the continent.

Interesting Alan....not that I want one in the front yard though.


Man imagine if a shinkansen was late 25 minutes. The workers would have to bow forever.


I know Junichi....both the Missus and I mentioned the same cracked us up.

Christina C

Bologna and Modena are also on our list. How can the food not be amazing?


True Christina...true.....


I agree with junichi...the only time the shinkansen is delayed is weather or a suicide


Lol Kat!

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