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Tuesday, 17 April 2018



Longtime reader but I don't know that I've ever posted. I love the travel blogs but I have to say that never in a million years that I think the statue of David was 17 feet high. Completely Amazed by that.


Hi JLH - I think you've posted a comment once before! So welcome back and thanks for commenting. Here are some additional facts on "David":

Soo @ hungryones

That was a good move getting the Firenze Card. Good to know there are thousands of gelato shops. I like the ones in San Diego.

Christina C

I was not that excited to see David when we were in Florence, but once we got into the museum, it's hard to describe how spectacular it is in person. The setting is perfect and pictures can't do justice to the grandeur of the sculptor. The food in Florence just blew my mind, I really loved the soups, didn't try the ribollita, but more of a brothy bean soup and a wonderful farro soup. I went so far as to bring back some lovely beans from a shop in Lucca. We kept going back to Nerbone in the market to get porchetta sandwiches. I could eat one daily, it it wouldn't result in an expanded waist line and a heart attack. Love reading about your trip and just enforces that Florence is a city I love. It's crowded, but there is just something special about the city.


Food looks fantastic! Oh and David too!


Literally thousands Soo!

We enjoyed the food in Florence.....but it was no match for Emilia-Romagna Christine.

David was very impressive Junichi!


beautiful to see Italy through your adventures!


Thanks Kat!

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