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Sunday, 22 April 2018



That's cool you are trying out the neighborhood joints here. I love the gyro's especially the steak one.


Well, because of the location of my office; I'm kind of forced to these days Soo.


UTC has a ton of new restaurants but they're mostly sit-down. Plus the parking is a nightmare. I heard they're going to charge money to park soon.


If I heard correctly they are putting in the charge parking because of the trolley going in. I was told that it will be easy to get validation. But who knows Junichi.....


Looks pretty good, sounds like the fries are if you eat in house only.

UTC parking is 2hrs for free, you get extra time if you see a movie or go to 24hr.


Thanks for the update Jason!


Too bad about the Italian Beef. Haven’t found anything in SD close to what I’ve had growing up in the Chicago burbs. So, when I visit my folks, we usually go to Buona Beef two times. Have you been to Portillo’s (Chicago chain) in SoCal?


What are your thoughts on the Chicago dog from Lefty's?


Hi Sang - For some reason; I've never taken to Portillo's though I've only had it twice in Chicago. Wasn't too fond of Buona either:

I haven't anything worthwhile in terms of Italian Beef sandwiches in SD either.

Hi James - I thought it was fairly decent.


glad the lamb burger was cooked the way you wanted it


I was pleasantly surprised Kat.

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