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Thursday, 01 March 2018





You probably mentioned this already, but is your office moving completely out of the Clairemont/Kearny Mesa area?


Yeah, kind of a bummer Kat!

Hi Sage - Our department moved out of the area; but the company still has offices in KM.....which means, I'm going to love having pre-lunch meetings there if I can! Hope all is well.


I used to go when I'd drive by on my commute home. Stopped going when we moved offices a few years back. Too bad they're not as good.


Agree nice people but the falafel wasn't too good when I tried it. Saw on chowhound someone asked you about if Pearl in RB had reopened, per yelp it has and I think it's still the same people as with Emerald. Maybe the dim sum has even improved too.


I was a bit disappointed Junichi.

I hope the dim sum at Pearl has gotten better RD.....I heard that Emerald has improved.

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