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Monday, 12 March 2018


Alan in Clairemont


Unless you are gumming your food brother, I don't think you can quite put yourself in the old timers category just yet...Now go back to sitting on your front porch screaming at the neighborhood kids to get off your lawn....


Sounds like you're describing a couple of my neighbors Alan! ;o)


Bummer. The Mi quang looks so pretty.


It wasn't bad Junichi. Just not worth a special trip.


Too bad the mi quang was flavorless. It looked so good too. The parking lot there is not that great.




Hi CC - You should give it a try since you like Mi Quang. I usually end up parking on the side streets.

It wasn't terrible Kat.

Michael Gardiner

The mi quang both looks and sounds different than on my trips. The shrimp were head on (a very good thing in my book), the broth flavorful and the meat nearly ground. Your description of the bun bo hue, on the other hand, sounds just like mine.


I'll have to try it out then. My standards are lower than yours, lol! :)


Hi Michael - Glad to see you're checking out places in City Heights. Hopefully they are getting things straightened out.....that was one diappointing bowl of Mi Quang.

Hi CC - Hope you get a good bowl of Mi Quang!

Kha Hoang

Hey Kirk,

I haven't been on your blog for sometime. I moved down to the City Heights neighborhood and wanted to see if you knew of any hidden gems around that I should check out. I am pretty familiar with the Vietnamese restaurants around here. What else should I check out?


Hi Kha - It's nice to hear from you! Hope you are doing well. Here are a couple of places you might want to check out that are not Vietnamese.

Ban Lao -

Eli's Peruvian -

Of course the Crispy Fried Chicken, Su Pan and others.

Have fun exploring.


finally tried their mi quang today and were right. :(


Bummer CC.....though I recently had it again and it was pretty much the same.

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