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Saturday, 10 March 2018



You have to get to the Anne Frank Museum first thing in the morning or forget it. The lines are huge and the day is pretty much sold out by mid morning with the size of the line. A couple wonderful craft beer experiences exist in the city center... Cafe Golem (you can get Westvleteren here) and D'Arrendsnest (incredibly tight curated Dutch beer menu).

I love Amsterdam. I miss it.


great walk & museum visit.


We did put in the mileage on this day Kat!


That's great you went to the Van Gogh museum! We watched a cool Van Gogh movie: Loving Vincent.

Christina C

I really liked the Van Gogh museum a lot. We thought it was nicely curated and took just enough time to go through. Sometimes it's hard to visit museums on a trip if they are large b/c you feel like you are missing 99% of the stuff due to limited time. Which is why I enjoyed this one and like the Guggenheim in NYC. Looks like a great trip, I would really like to get back to Amsterdam soon. My husband would like to go back at the least and get his daily dose of frites and croquettes.


It was a well organized museum Soo.

It's very nicely curated. We also enjoyed the Picasso Museum in Barcelona a lot. It allowed us time to immerse ourselves in the interesting lives of the artist without being too over whelming. I think you need to get back to Amsterdam Christina! Nice to hear from you.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

We wanted to do the Anne Frank museum but just couldn't stomach the lines. Next time I am booking at least two weeks out. Loved our amsterdam trip last year and still need to organize those photos, possibly in some kind of photo book (or blog post). Great food in that city and we walked all over the place!


Hi Lynn - Yes, Amsterdam was a lot of fun.

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