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Sunday, 25 February 2018





Now that you are in the UTC area you can go to Chicago Fire Grill.


I know, disappointing, Kat.

I've been there Soo; a post is forthcoming.


Oh no. That's pretty sad.


Hi Junichi - Yes, it was quite disappointing.


Pretty mediocre looking... speaking of korean food that used to be pretty good, have you been to Grandma's Tofu? I haven't been a while, wondering if they've fallen off at all.


Hi Jason - We last visited Grandma's back in December:

But only had the Heukyumso Jungol, Korean Black Goat Stew. We did notice a downtick in the quality of the panchan. I need to get and try some of our old favorites.


Ah, must have missed that post, thanks! Glad it was still pretty decent. I also need to get back there and see how my favorites are doing.


I gotta get back and try the Jokbal and Gul Bossam there Jason.

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