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Thursday, 25 January 2018



great meal!


It was a very nice meal Kat!


City looks lovely at night!


Oslo is quite a nice city Soo.


Very nice posts. Coincidentally, I recently found a local shop that carries 3 kinds of Aquavit here in San Diego. Bought a bottle for a homesick Swede. Place is called Bodega Wine & Spirits. A cool shop that is next to Sprouts in a shopping center on Governor Drive (next to Regents Rd) so it's close by to you, I think.
3328 Governor Dr, San Diego, CA 92122


I've been there ALNC - Get the Aquavit Linie; it's my favorite. It's qges in oak barrels and put upon a ship that has to go thru the equator twice.


Polar night looks awesome! I guess people don't put solar panels on their houses...


Yeah, probably not would be a pretty cold winter if they did. ;o)

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