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Wednesday, 03 January 2018



yikes! glad you didn’t get sick from that spicy chip.


Really sad to hear about Emerald; we’ve been going there since we moved here in 2006 (and read about them right here on your blog!). Even though it wasn’t the best, it was like comfort food to us.

Nicole @ Bento Momentos

Wow, an individually wrapped chip. Sounds like no joke! Someone mentioned to me that eggnog does a better job of taming the spiciness than milk does... I'm too chicken to test out such theory.


I've had their ghost pepper chips and those were hot enough for me. Can't imagine what kind of pain the reaper brings upon you.


Stopped going to Pearl when it went from mediocre dim sum to really bad about 1-2 years ago. The new place FFY in Mira mesa is kind of meh too. Too bad, judging by the initial lines at FFY, it seems like there is a market in SD for good dim sum. Guess we will keep heading north when we need our fix.


We never really went to Emerald (we usually do China Max) but it does represent an end of an era. I've been to Pearl more for dinners so it's too bad to see that close down as well.


It was fine, Kat.....pretty darn hot though.

I think many share your sentiments James.

Paqui makes Ghost Pepper chips that are pretty darn spicy Nicole. Maybe you should check out your theory with that?

Hi Junichi - This was at least 3-4 times hotter....and it just stayed with you for 15-20 minutes.

Hi RD - Sorry to say; I haven't been to either in years. We just head up to SGV for dim sum these days.

Hi Jason - I'm not sure what's going to happen to Pearl; but I think it's or sale as well.


Oh my gosh! My friends and I used to head to Emerald nearly every week many years ago. It's a shame to hear it closed, even though I know it had a lot of issues.

Hangzhou Hero

Would have loved to see you do the One Chip challenge! How long did the pain last?


So Jessica - I just heard that Emerald and Pearl might be reopening at the end of the month under new ownership.

I don't think so HH! ;o) It lasted for a good 15-20 minutes.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

first thing my family said about the closings was "where is little bro gonna get married?". on yelp, pearl showed temporarily closed, reopening soon? couldn't find any other details though.

any last words? goodness, that chip sounds evil. no spicy for me!


Hi Lynn - I heard that Emerald and Pearl will be reopening in a month or so under new ownership? I'll let you know what I find.

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