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Wednesday, 17 January 2018



Wow. Hope everything is fine with him.

I've had Mi Quang at MT a few times. It's OK. Are there any other places around SD that serve it?


I liked the mi quang at MT as well as Da Nang. The now defunct Po & Pho also served mi quang. Not sure where else it is served in SD.


Hey Junichi - To be perfectly honest; not a big fan of any of the Mi Quang in least Da Nang used the right type of noodle.

Hey CC - I wasn't a big fan of the Mi Quang at Mien wasn't what I think of as Mi Quang. So we'll see what happens here.


Which places out of SD do you recommend for mi quang Kirk?


Any visits to Private Kitchens lately?

And I look forward to the day that SD has a good bowl of NRM... I miss Shanghai City and was sad to see Liang's go downhill


and have you been to the Shanxi Magic Kitchen inside ranch 99? I found that their food is better than the original location on Convoy and that their quality has improved over the past 6 months. Though it's not exactly NRM, they have a decent bowl of spicy beef noodle soup.


Sorry to say nowhere CC.....

I haven't Derek. It's been kinda too hot for that stuff. Hoping for some cooler weather. I did visit that location of Shanxi Magic back in August.

Sounds like it's got even better!


Aww bummer.


Sorry CC - I thought you said "in San Diego". Huong Giang in Westminster was decent. The folks I work with in Irvine liked the version at Ngu Binh. Not a big fan of Quan Vy, but a lot of folks I know like the place. I've been wanting to try Quan Mii.


Oh yay, thanks for the recs!


What a strange guy....

Do you know if that new Mi Quang place is related to Mien Trung in Linda Vista? Honestly, I didn't think Da Nang would last that long...
My friend told me mi quang at Ben Ngu in Santa Ana is good. I've only tried bun bo and banh beo there.


I think you mean Ngu Binh TFD? I'm going to try to find out if the new place is related to the folks at MT.


Not Ngu Binh. It's Ben Ngu. Funny I thought of the same thing when my friend told me. We drove there and saw the sign and I remember saying to myself "OMG, it does exist!" Check it out. Banh beo is good but fish sauce sucks. Mit tron is great-very close to what my parents make(not sure why they gave me fish sauce with powder chili with it. Fish sauce sucks again). Bun bo is aight. Ngu Binh has better veggie plates.

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