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Tuesday, 30 January 2018



Funny, similar thing happened to me a couple weeks ago. Hadn't been going as often, but I stopped by my favorite lunch spot (I used to go 3 times a week) and the owner thanked me for the years of patronage and told me tomorrow was his last day. He sold the place and was taking a break. It was nice to have the chance to thank each other for the small but consistent role the other played in each other's lives.


You had great timing Jason!

Soo @ hungryones

That's nice you saw your chef friend before the place closed!


Not exactly a friend Soo; but it was nice to see someone I've done business with for over a decade before they closed up shop.


Ba Ren continues to be one of my most missed restaurants. Even though it wasn't a perfect meal - I'm glad you got to taste some of the favorites before they closed.


glad you got to go before the closed.


I am too Derek.

That was some interesting timing Kat.....


Aww I miss Ba Ren still =(


I do too Kirbie!

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