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Wednesday, 31 January 2018





Bummer it's not as good as back in the island's. I miss Helena's in Oahu. I haven't had really good haupia since my last visit.


Totally Kat.

I miss Ono Hawaiian Food Soo, which was in my 'hood. Sadly they closed after 57 years in August.


I pretty much gave up on Hawaiian plate lunch places in SD. I make loco moco at home nowadays.


Hi Junichi - Island Style Cafe makes an interesting Kaloko Moco. I try not to make it at home too often. Though when I do it's usually an upscale version:


If you don't mind spicy the bulgogi fries are pretty good, definitely can feed 2 people.


Hi Joga - I'm not sure you've read about the Hunan and Sichuan food and the peppers (ghost and scorpion) we grow. But spicy doesn't bother me very much. Though at my age, I'm more about quality than quantity. Though if I were younger that would sound good after a night of imbibing.....and since they are open until 2am on weekends.... Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Christina C

I've pretty much given up on getting plate lunch here. We go to Kauai every year, so I pretty much eat plate lunch daily. I do miss lau lau's though.
I normally have a plan when we arrive on the island of all our lunch spots located all around the island.


Sorry about Ono. Wish I had visited. You inspired me to post my review on Island Style. I never got around to posting it.



Hi Christine - I think there are places that do one or two good things, but nothing consistent.

Hi Soo - I added a link to your post.

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