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Sunday, 07 January 2018



the floats are always so beautiful!


I always love your float posts, especially this one! Thank you for sharing Cathy. I really enjoyed watching the parade this year, and even more so after having seen the float road posts when the floats were in various stages of development.

Great price on those onion rings and also the pastries (Cream Pan is always a fave); the mini cake slices and the cheese pastry from Arsen's were delicious.


So much work is put into the design, construction, testing and decorating, Kat. It all begins again-soon: the President and Theme for 2019 will be announced before the end of this month...truly a year long process.

Thanks, cc; I like trying to share and explain how things work...that nothing is 'magic' and takes time. The food at T Burger was wonderful- The Mister pretty much always orders rings when he sees them on the menu and, again, these were great. We really like that little bakery so much.


Thanks for helping make the floats and showing the completed ones. We visited on the 2nd to look at floats too. Was awesome seeing and smelling them. :-)

Laura Monteros

Nice photos! I didn't get to the Showcase of Floats this year, too exhausted. It is a great place to get photos of the side of the floats opposite the side you were sitting, though.

Just one thing--there are six self-built floats: Burbank, La Canada Flintridge, South Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Downey, and Cal Poly Universities.

Looking forward to next year--once I'm done with this year!


It's a fun volunteer job, Soo. I missed seeing you at the Post Parade (ha-probably 100K people were there; I was wearing a Petal Pushers shirt). When doing the dry decorating, we could really smell the coffee grounds being placed under the 'scarves' on the Armenian float- about 50 yards away from 'our' float (Honda).

Thanks, Laura; I corrected the post. The only problem with some off camera views is the sun-both during the parade and at Post Parade. There are just so many details on every float, I wish there was more time. Very much looking forward to the 2019 Parade and events too!


I looked for you Cathy but missed you. I posted my Rose Parade float adventure at and linked to your reviews.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

those floats were so cool! i really like the parrot one. i think the last 'parade' i watched was at mardi gras block party with 50% muscle or low rider cars. we did join in on a fun of a pride parade during our Europe trip. i have yet to post about that city. btw glad everyone is recovering nicely from this winter bug!


Wow Cathy great post! Think you love the Rose Parade floats just as much as I do! Never get tired of hearing about all the details. So lovely you volunteer each year, I've always wanted to but never seem to find the time. For my Rose Post Parade review I'll be linking your reviews as well. Hope that's okay with you. :>)


Thanks, Lynn. Parades are fun and The Tournament of Roses is 'America' to me. Go to sleep watching the ball drop on one coast and wake up to see the parade on the other coast. I feel so fortunate to be able to participate in some small way.

I linked Soo's post and will link yours too, Maggie. Thanks. Also added the bottom of this post- the theme and design for 2019. The new President announced it a couple of weeks ago- "The Melody of Life".

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