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Saturday, 30 December 2017



bummer that buffet wasn’t too good.


I know Kat....too bad....


If the cooking staff are Pinoy, you could always ask for a special request. I'm sure they don't eat what they serve on board.


Do you recall enjoying the seaweed/kelp caviar? I'm really interested in that. I'm vegetarian, and have been for decades, but as a kid my parents made caviar dishes often. I recall liking it, but knowing what it was made it creepy for me. I'd be interested in trying a seaweed version if it was decent. I didn't see much on your plates, so maybe it didn't leave an impression?


Since it was a buffet it was hard to tell who the cooking staff were, CC. Plus, it's just an overnight cruise. There were actually a surprising amount of Filipino passengers.

Hi H - It was fine. You have to remember; I pretty much grew up eating kelp products, so it didn't strike me as anything special. It really didn't match up to say; masago or tobiko. Have you tried Dulse? I've used it a couple of times and thought it tastes pretty good....I guess I oughta do a post on it.


Thanks for the reply. I haven't had Dulse, but I do like kelp and seaweed products. I was just wondering about the kelp caviar, if it was same popping goodness w/o the weirdness of being actual fish eggs. I don't like fake meats, for instance. Lately, I get my popping goodness from finger limes. I was thinking if I could mix the two, it might be good!

I'll look out for that post. (I'm a daily reader and have been almost since the beginning, I just rarely comment)


I did a cruise a few years ago for a friends wedding. Bored the hell outta me. The best part was disembarking and exploring the city.


I really don't think I could do anything more than an overnight cruise Junichi.

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