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Wednesday, 13 December 2017



Good looking burger! How does the baked potato soup compare to Black Angus? That's the only place I found where I like the baked potato soup.

Jessica G

I love this blog, which I've been reading since 2014. But reviewing restaurant chains? We appreciate finding local gems more....


It was a great burger, Soo! You know I really like soup...and have re-discovered my love (and craving for) baked potatoes...Black Angus has a really good baked potato soup, too. I may have to do some further research...comparisons help when side by side.
Hi Jessica; welcome to the commenting side of our blog. Compensated meals (reviews) are not what we do here, just food experiences (blog). You might notice one of the categories in the left column is "Chains"...65 posts since 2005; we-all of us who blog(ged) here-eat food and write about it.


I am glad that you and Kirk don't do compensated meals. More authentic that way. In past years, I used to love the coconut shrimp and the blooming onion. Very decadent. Can't eat too much fried stuff nowadays though.


do they still have the molasses bread? I think that was what it was called? used to love eating it there.


Thanks, cc... The Blooming Onion and Coconut Shrimp are more like County Fair Foods in that they are so good, but I am aware they need to be shared. The lunch plate of six along with a salad made sharing three just right.
It's called "Bushman's Honey Wheat Bread" on the menu, Kat, but every copycat recipe has molasses as well as honey as the sweetener (along with cocoa and instant coffee...go figure). The flavor was a more subtle sweetness than I remember. (The bread at Hunter Steakhouse ( ) definitely had the molasses flavor.)


I may have missed it but which location of Outback Steakhouse did you dine?


I didn't put it in the post, Jim, but all of our visits were at the Claremont Mesa Boulevard location (across the parking lot from Krispy Kreme and also Arely's). We lived in that area before purchasing our home in East County and like going back to the 'old neighborhood'. There are seven San Diego County locations.

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