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Sunday, 12 November 2017





I‘ve honestly kinda given up on pho in SD. For example, I like going to Pho Duyen Mai, but I don’t get pho there – I either get their broken rice house combo, or I’ll do an order of spring rolls mixed with their beef ribs. Too hard to get a pho broth in SD these days that isn’t too sweet or too salty.


I had pho there 2 weeks ago. Bleh. I rather go to Pho Express across the street. I ordered the special and I got half a meat ball with some other random meat. Whateves right? I then got a thai tea to go and it was bad. Like it tasted sour...Not coming back.



Nicole @ Bento Momentos

That's smart to question what triggered signs like that to be posted. Sorry to hear that the broth is going downhill - that's a bummer when a restaurant you once really liked isn't cutting it anymore :( Hope you find a better place soon!


I know what triggered that signage. People walked in and sat down with their purchases from the attached grocery store. One day we saw five tables being used by people with styrofoam and foil packets, asking for utensils (which aren't on the table any more, you may have noticed), plates, water...treating it like a Food Court area.


I know CC.....

That's kind of sad Sage.

It looks like they are sliding downhill TFD.

Very sad Kat!

It is a bummer Nicole

That's terrible Cathy.


Ha! I know I shouldn't laugh. Bummer.


Lol Jan!

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