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Sunday, 19 November 2017



Nice local sandwich place, I bet it's really popular with the workers in the area looking for a decently priced lunch.


sounds nice despite the heavy handed mayo


If longevity is the key; I'd say yes Jason.

It's a good value Kat!


I've been going to Sandwich Affaire since before Bud owned it (circa 1981, Bud bought it in about 1982, which is why all the sandwich names are a bit dated...). Solid place with fair prices for straight-forward sandwiches. I highly recommend the #4 (hot pastrami-corned beef) or #5 (bacon, turkey, provolone) club sandwiches.


I had a hell of a time finding this place today because I didn't notice your opening paragraphs! lol. However, once I finally found it, I got the bud also and my son had a giant club sandwich. The Bud was great, and the fillings more evenly spaced plus not too much mayo. Bud actually made mine, so I wonder if it depends on who makes it. Either way, I will be going back to this little gem again!


Hi MikeC - The prices are very reasonable and the sandwiches are a good value overall.

Hi Dereck - I'm glad you found the place and have a new addition to your rotation!


And Bud's brother owns a neighborhood favorite of mine: Canada Steakburger at 36th and University. I'd been going to both for about 20 years before finding out that they were related.


Geeez Mike. I haven't been to Canada Burger in like 20 years.....

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