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Wednesday, 08 November 2017



Oh wow, I'm so surprised about Red Card Cafe. I thought they were doing well. That's too bad


Looks like people voted with their pocket book.


Oh no... Where should I go for Peruvian food now?


Uyghur, eh? In San Diego? Cool. The places in LA where I've had this type of cuisine have been pretty good. Here's hoping...


Had to look up what Uyghur is. Can't wait for them to open. That area needs more mom & pop spots.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

omg, places always closing. i thought the food had improved with the new chef at red card cafe but it was never busy when we went there. bad location perhaps?

sprouts are opening up everywhere but i wonder if they are a few too many! i'm waiting for the one in mira mesa to open in the old location of kohls. as black friday approaches, i'm sad kohls is no longer so accessible for me.


I was too Kirbie!

I guess Billy....perhaps the neighborhood still isn't ready for a place like this.

Cafe Secret or Pisco Soo.

I'm hoping too RD!

I'm quite interested too Junichi. BTW; I've posted on Omar's and a couple of Xinjiang places in the past.

I even saw Sprouts in Yuma Lynn! Hopefully they aren't over-expending. I thought that Red Card had definitely improved too.

Nicole @ Bento Momentos

I wonder if your Sprouts also has $5 sushi Wednesdays -- they make a great quick and easy lunch!

Alan in Clairemont

Hola Kirk!

Red Card Cafe may have been a case of too little too late with the new chef. Their prices were a bit high and the location is still an odd one for a neighborhood restaurant.... Really not that surprised they closed. Unfortunate though.

I kind of miss Blue Collar Cafe that was next to Bay Ho liquor. Sometimes I get the impression people in Clairemont / Bay Park / Bay Ho want a place that serves good bistro style food but less pricey than Red Card? May be too much to ask with the rents and available spaces in this part of town. Frankly a lot of the old strip malls in Clairemont and Morena district need to be redeveloped.

The old Home Town Buffet space is split up into 2 spaces. One will be a salon / spa, the other will hopefully be a restaurant space (no tenants as of yet).


I know they have a nice and inexpensive sandwich station Nicole.

Hi Alan - I had heard about the salon space; thoguh not about the restaurant. Which is good, because that space is a bit too large for a just a salon; at least in this area. I heard that Bitter Bros is looking at the Red Card space; so we'll see what happens. It's too bad they didn't give a bit more time.....the last few times I was there; business looked like it was picking up.

Black Belt Jonez

Hi Kirk,

Have you made it to Kroran yet?


Hey BBJ - Not yet. Been out of town for a bit. But will surely get to there soon. Hope all is well.

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