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Monday, 13 November 2017




Nicole @ Bento Momentos

Nice review! I think food trucks are pretty expensive for what you get but it's a novelty right now. Thanks for sharing!


Looks like the mac salad suffers from the fatal mistakes of undercooking the mac and adding the mayo while the mac was too warm. Sigh.


I was Kat!

Hi Nicole - I thought the price point was pretty high.

Probably James.

Soo @ hungryones

I make my own kalua pork with cabbage too. It's more cost effective. The portion size looks pretty small on your Kalua Cabbage Plate.


Yes, for eleven bucks; this was pretty small in terms of portion size Soo.


Love Tsukenjo and Graces. Always tempted to try food trucks but get scared away by the high prices. Hawaii lunchwagons totally different from food trucks. Lunchwagons have a variety of hot main dishes, usually a daily special, ability to create special mix and under 10 bucks. Next time I’m home I need to try Laverne’s. Follow them on instagram and plates look mean. They also have squid luau.


Actually, what's served at this food truck made me think of lunchwagons Kobi....until I saw the portions and prices.

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