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Sunday, 22 October 2017





Kinda plus/minus.....more minus than plus Kat.


That is one upscale sandwich shop! Too bad about the food.


You got shake shack in UTC now. Can't wait for Din Tai Fung to open.


Hi Sandy - Kinda looks upcale, but it's really corporate

Hi Junichi - I'm going to wait until the hype settles down on visiting SS. I've been to the SS location in JFK.....


Didn't know about this place so thanks for trying all the various sandwiches. Specialty's is close by and their sandwiches are pretty good (expensive too).


Hi Faye - Yeah, Specialty's is coming up....


Kirk, I've been following your blog for literally 10 years (probably more) and it's surreal to see you're now in my building. It would be even more surreal to meet up for lunch or coffee? I'm with you about Bistro 24 I'm not a fan of their recent menu change.


My goodness JKP. Thanks so much for reading all these years! I'm not actually in One La Jolla Ctr, but fairly close by. I'll shoot you an email when I get a chance. Thanks Again!

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